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Neil Oakden



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Proud to be a council house kid, son of a miner and mum a packer at Players, I now have a local business in Kimberley producing and managing large publicity pillars in towns, working with traders, councils, the police and the NHS throughout the country.
I have four children (a 22 year old still at home gladly) and four grand kids. I lived and worked in Austria for 15 years, but have been in Kimberley now for 23 years, first at Swingate and now near the Roots Micropub.
You might have seen me often atop a sleigh, either in the streets of Kimberley, Ikea, or the surrounding areas, or indeed in a Children in Need Pudsey outfit.
My contribution to the council is at its best with marketing and events.
Having said that, I am just one of a very talented and varied team of Councillors.
I have no political affiliation and tend to swing from left to right depending on what is good for Kimberley.

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