Santa Claus is Coming to Town! On Wednesday 15th December!

Santa and his sleigh will be visiting Giltbrook, Newthorpe, Eastwood, Watnall and Kimberley tonight, Wednesday 15th December. 


On Wednesday 15th  the SANTA route is 5.15 IKEA, leave at 5:40 and head to Smith Hurst lower entrance by Caught & Bowled, up Smithurst Road until 6 pm coming out On Newthorpe Common onto Nottingham road heading downhill back to the Hayloft where we will stop for five minutes and then head through Kimberley to the Horsendale Estate by 6.30 staying there for 30 mins and heading back stopping at the 3ponds Pub at 7pm turning right up Watnall Road visiting Holden Crescent off Watnall Road at 7.15 returning along Larkfield Road to Kimberley.


Come out and give him a wave!

Any money donated will be spent on LOCAL charitable causes, Merry Christmas.