Trevor Rood

Chair, Kimberley Town Council

Chair of Kimberley Town Council Committees:  Finance Events Recreation and…

Roy Plumb

Vice-Chair, Kimberley Town Council

Committees: Recreation and Parish

James Dymond

Chair, Finance Committee

Committees:  Finance Recreation and Parish

Ellis Tansley

Committees: Human Resources Parish and Recreation

Stewart Bain

Committees:  Parish and Recreation

Neil Oakden

Neil Oakden

Commitees: Human Resources Proud to be a council house kid,…

Janet Pearce

Committees: Parish and Recreation Human Resources Finance

Ian Wilson

Committees: Parish and Recreation

Jackie Wickham

Jackie Wickham

Committees:  Human Resources Environment Working Group I grew up in…

Neil Doherty

Neil Doherty

Committees:  Estates and Environment Committee - Chair Relatively newcomer to…

Susan McEntee


Tony Mason

Tony Mason

Committees: Recreation and Parish Finance Human Resources Events