Kimberley Leisure Centre Report

Kimberley Leisure Centre Report


Kimberley Leisure Centre is expected to close at the end of March 2024 following the funding request from the school and the trust EMET not having been agreed by Broxtowe Borough Council. The request included:
• £444,538 to cover estimated deficits over three financial years (the first year being 2022-23)
• Uncapped contributions to repairs and replacements for the pool plant, which the school has stated could be up to £2.4m
• Uncapped contributions on any future price increases in running costs not included in their estimates
This would have possibly brought the total costs being upwards of £3m, including the licence fee payments over these three years of £257,000. This did not include the guarantee of a licence agreement following March 2025.


The pool is expected to close at the end of March 2024 as this is when the licence agreement with Liberty Leisure will end.
Negotiations are still on going with the school and the trust in regards to dry side operations (gym and fitness classes) but the end of the current agreement is coming up and operations would have to stop while there is no agreement in place. As for the equipment in the gym, this is owned by Liberty Leisure and would have to be moved out if an agreement is not reached. What is done with the equipment will be down to whatever Broxtowe Borough Council decides to do for leisure provisions in the short term.

On the 23rd February 2024 there will be a cross party meeting to discuss a number of options that officers at Broxtowe Borough Council have been investigating for short term leisure provisions in the area. If an option is decided on at this meeting it should go to cabinet on the 12th March 2024, depending on the deadline for submitting reports to the meeting.
A Borough wide leisure strategy is in development and will be looking into the needs of each area, including estimated usage and estimated NHS referrals. Broxtowe Borough Council will be looking into long term provisions for Kimberley and the north of the Borough, and potential funding opportunities. For example this can be from the economic redevelopment through the new mayoral authority or any future redevelopment funds from Central Government like the Levelling Up Fund.