Victoria Street Car Park – Change to Parking Charges

All residents, please be aware Broxtowe Borough Council (who manage the car park) have changed the times when the car park is chargeable at Victoria Street Car Park. It’s not obvious to regular users as only one section of the noticeboard has been updated.

Previously, parking was free all day on Saturdays but it’s been changed so that there is a charge of £1.00 after one hour between 08:00 and 12:00 on Saturdays.

Please note, you need a ticket whether you stay less than one hour or more to comply with the regulations.


Please also note Broxtowe’s website still says it’s free on Saturdays, and Kimberley Town Council has asked them to change this as soon as possible.


We don’t have any idea why this has been changed, if you wish to contact Broxtowe Borough Council about this, details are here


FYI, there are car parks in Kimberley that are free for up to 3 hours – details are here