Car Parking in Kimberley – Reminder about Parking Charges

This is just a reminder because some residents have been caught out by the parking charges in the Precinct.

Residents please note there has been a change to the car parking arrangements at the Precinct Car Park in Kimberley.

The first 90 minutes are free, however, after that parking is chargeable. If you want to stay longer download the Ringo app (it’s the same one used in the centre of Nottingham) and pay for parking.

If you stay longer than 90 minutes without paying in advance you are likely to incur a penalty charge from the car park owner.

There are plenty of signs indicating this but they are small and may not be obvious to previous regular users of the car park.

Precinct Car Park Sign
New Precinct Car Park Signs

Please be aware the precinct and car park are privately owned so the Town Council or Broxtowe Borough Council have no influence over the parking arrangements or charges in the Precinct.


6 thoughts on “Car Parking in Kimberley – Reminder about Parking Charges

  1. Have the parking charges changed on Saturdays @Victoria Street noticed new sign last week unsure if i have to pay for Saturdays now?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      not that I’m aware of, and it doesn’t show a change on Brotowe web site. I’ll have a look next time I go down to Kimberley and let you know.
      Cllr Neil Doherty

      1. Hi Lynne,
        I’ve been to look at the car park and I agree it does look like it’s been changed. Ive written to Broxtowe to find out when it happened, and asked them to put proper signs up to notify people. And also, to update their own website which still has the old charges on it. I’ll let you know their response, and once Ive heard back I’ll update the website / add a Post to let people know.
        Neil Doherty

  2. Thanks Neil a £30 fine isnt good at any time

    1. Hi Lynn, not sure whether you have been but if you have been fined I would challenge the fine and send them this link from Broxtowe’s own parking pages, which says it’s still free on saturdays.

      1. Hi Lynne, Broxtowe have now confirmed the revised parking charges on Saturdays are a mistake. They will correct the signs as soon as possible, and have made enforcement officers aware.
        I have posted on the website so hopefully people will be aware.

        Many thanks for flagging this to us.

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