Investment in Kimberley – How You Can Help!

Some of you may have heard of the the government’s ‘levelling up agenda’. We’d like some of that funding to come to Kimberley.

Here at Kimberley Town Council we are working with Broxtowe Council to deliver a bid that could hopefully win us up to £20 million from the national government’s levelling up scheme, to improve Kimberley Town Centre.

One of the factors they will look at when they decide who gets this money is input from the local community. So the more local people who respond, the more likely we are to win this money. More importantly though, we want to deliver the right thing for the people of Kimberley, and we can only do that if you tell us what you want!

Please take a few moments to fill this in, we would really appreciate it and it really will help!

The place to give us your views is here

Thank You


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