Investment in Kimberley – How You Can Help!

Some of you may have heard of the the government’s ‘levelling up agenda’. We’d like some of that funding to come to Kimberley.

Here at Kimberley Town Council we are working with Broxtowe Council to deliver a bid that could hopefully win us up to £20 million from the national government’s levelling up scheme, to improve Kimberley Town Centre.

One of the factors they will look at when they decide who gets this money is input from the local community. So the more local people who respond, the more likely we are to win this money. More importantly though, we want to deliver the right thing for the people of Kimberley, and we can only do that if you tell us what you want!

Please take a few moments to fill this in, we would really appreciate it and it really will help!

The place to give us your views is here

Thank You


4 thoughts on “Investment in Kimberley – How You Can Help!

  1. The survey for investment in Kimberley appears to be closed now I get this message, but I saw the sign only went up on Swingate a couple of days ago.

    This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.

    1. Hi,
      the online survey is not closed, it was extended to 12th August before the original closing date because we became aware some residents did not get a leaflet originally.
      Here is a link to the information and to the survey.

  2. Lots of the Council spending seems to be directed at Beeston or Stapleford.
    Kimberley seems to be an “also ran” and gets what’s left after the favoured ones have had their pick.
    Kimberley is a town with a lot going for it. We are a 30 minute bus ride from Nottingham, Langley Mill and Ilkeston. We have good schools and a couple of national retailers and, again, not too far a bus ride away, we have Ikea and the rest of the Shopping area there.
    We are situate in the midst of rolling countryside and there are many footpaths and bridleways for walks and bike rides locally which do not have to go anywhere near main road traffic.
    All in all Kimberley would be ideal for funding to enhance and improve what we already have.
    Many people who have left Kimberley in the past have actually come back to the town as it’s better than where they moved to.

    1. Hi Iris, thanks for your comments. I agree Kimberley is a great place, and that a lot of funding has been directed at other areas within Broxtowe. Our hope is by applying to the Levelling Up fund we can redirect some of that funding to Kimberley in the near future.
      Cllr Neil Doherty

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