Kimberley Leisure Centre – Statement from Kimberley Town Council

Many of you will have heard about the intention to restrict the use of Kimberley Leisure Centre during the day for schools that are part of the East Midlands Educational Trust (EMET), meaning it will no longer be available to the local community during the day.

Unfortunately, the school and Kimberley Leisure Centre are owned by EMET and as a Town Council we have no control over this decision. That said, the Leisure Centre is a vital and much loved resource for Kimberley residents, and the most needy are likely to be most affected, particularly older people and parents of young children.

Kimberley Town Council has written to EMET and asked them to reconsider their decision. The letter sent to the trust is attached below.


Kimberley Leisure Centre Announcement – Letter to EMET

Kimberley Leisure Centre Announcement - Letter to EMEt