Kimberley Leisure Centre – Statement from Kimberley Town Council

Many of you will have heard about the intention to restrict the use of Kimberley Leisure Centre during the day for schools that are part of the East Midlands Educational Trust (EMET), meaning it will no longer be available to the local community during the day.

Unfortunately, the school and Kimberley Leisure Centre are owned by EMET and as a Town Council we have no control over this decision. That said, the Leisure Centre is a vital and much loved resource for Kimberley residents, and the most needy are likely to be most affected, particularly older people and parents of young children.

Kimberley Town Council has written to EMET and asked them to reconsider their decision. The letter sent to the trust is attached below.


Kimberley Leisure Centre Announcement – Letter to EMET

Kimberley Leisure Centre Announcement - Letter to EMEt


4 thoughts on “Kimberley Leisure Centre – Statement from Kimberley Town Council

  1. Very sad to hear about not being able to use the leisure centre during the day . I’m a widow and started to use the centre 8 years ago when I moved up here from the West Midlands it been a huge part of my life , I taught my grandson to swim in the training pool , and joined aqua and swimming it been such a lifeline for me giving me a reason to go out I suffer with depression and without the centre and all the famliar faces I don’t know what I’ll do

  2. The centre has been a hub for Kimberley and District for most of my life and should be respected as that.Please re think on what it will affect if it is no longer available to the public.The income lost by these actions should also be a consideration.

  3. I use the centre 3 days a week swimming 12 till 1.00 then 30 min of aqua exercise,it has improved my well being .Most of us are over 50 mostly 70s being told by Dr’s to look after our health and do more exercise which is what we are doing but what will happen in April there is nothing local and most of us are not about to move to other areas.By the time Eastwood sorts out a leisure centre we will all be to old or dead.

  4. Thanks for doing this. I totally agree with this and if there is anything I can do to support you let me know. I used to teach at Kimberley school and was very proud of its links with the community. It now seems to shut its self away and does not engage with the people it serves which used to be a huge requirement of ofsted. I feel schools are becoming exam factories and are losing sight of what is truly important- a caring community who looks out for one another. The love of money is the root of all evil.

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