Kimberley Leisure Centre

Kimberley Leisure Centre

There is a lot of discussion and concern at the moment regarding the future of Kimberley Leisure Centre.

We have some limited information from Broxtowe about the situation right now. Currently, the School, Broxtowe Borough Council and Liberty Leisure are still in negotiations and no decision on the Leisure Centre’s future has been made. We are told there are significant financial implications relating to the repair, maintenance and general running costs of the Leisure Centre, in particular the swimming pool, and the school has requested aid from Broxtowe, which is under consideration. Broxtowe Borough Council have a meeting scheduled for December 5th to decide on its response to the School. The meeting will be exempt from public and press due commercial sensitivity – this is a legal requirement under Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, and we expect to find out more after this meeting.

Councillors have received a number of questions from local residents asking why Levelling Up funding can’t be used to secure the future of the Leisure Centre. The reason for this is that the Levelling Up funding was awarded by central government and can only be used for the purposes stated in the original bid and we’re not allowed to change that. Before the Levelling Up bid was submitted there were discussions with the school about potentially including funds to improve the facilities at the leisure centre but at the time the school did not want to progress this suggestion.

It is strongly advised that anyone wishing to express a view lobby their local councillors and MP to seek a positive resolution. Kimberley Town Council will lobby for a positive outcome as well.

The Broxtowe Borough Councillors for Kimberley are Chris Carr, Andrew Cooper and Will Mee, and their contact details (together with all Broxtowe Councillors contact details can be found here

The contact details for our local MP, Darren Henry are here / 0115 671 2530 /

When we have any further information we will share it with you.


2 thoughts on “Kimberley Leisure Centre

  1. To all Broxtowe Councillors

    I am pleading with you on behalf of the Kimberley and District community to keep Kimberley Leisure Centre and Pool open and financially supported.
    I moved to Kimberley in1979 as Young Mum… The leisure centre was my life line! I made much needed friends through great activities made even more accessible when the Creche opened. It has been Mental and Physical support! My growing family of 5 children have gained enormously from all the clubs and activities and swimming lessons.
    I’m a local teacher and have taken countless numbers of children to school swimming lessons, excellent lessons that reached all abilities and give the children skills that build confidence that supports other needs out of the water!
    You must continue this vital investment in yours and my community. It is an investment in all ages and abilities wide reaching at so many levels.
    I am pleading with you to save Kimberley Leisure Centre… It is unthinkable to lose it…. If you truly care!

    1. Andrea, thanks for your post, and apologies for the delay in replying.
      You’ve addressed your post to Broxtowe Borough Councillors and this isn’t Broxtowe’s website.

      For what it’s worth the town council have lobbied the borough council and our MP on behalf of residents to keep the leisure centre open from the point we heard there was a danger of it closing, without success. We do share your huge disappointment and frustration with the intention to close the swimming pool at least, and maybe the whole centre.

      A decision to close the swimming pool was made by Broxtowe last week with no consultation whatsoever with local residents but negotiations on the future of the rest of the leisure centre are ongoing.
      To appeal for the leisure centre to remain open you can contact your local borough councillors – Chris Carr, Andrew Cooper and Will Mee, and their contact details (together with all Broxtowe Councillors contact details can be found here

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