Your Voice! Your Choice? Your Say!

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The voting window is now open! Please review our ideas and tell  us what you think.

You can respond by filling in the questionnaire that will come through your door over the next few days.

Or go direct to an online questionnaire HERE!


Remember, it’s your chance to tell us what you’d like to see in your town!
Closing date for responses is Saturday 31st July



2 thoughts on “Your Voice! Your Choice? Your Say!

  1. Why not reinstate the Moorgreen Show to showcase the best of what Brinsley, Watnall and Kimberley traders have to offer. Initial funding is required to re-start the venture but with enough traders and advertising the show should become self funding from then on.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for your question.
      The Moorgreen show was hosted outside the Kimberley area, so we wouldn’t be able to request funding to support this. Even if a site was found to host it within the Kimberley boundary the Levelling Up fund is only for projects within the boundary of the local parish (Kimberley) so we couldn’t justify requesting funding to promote the areas outside Kimberley.
      Cllr Neil Dohety

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